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Property Survey


Once an initial appointment has been arranged, one of our experienced surveyors will attend and visit your property. The main purpose of this meeting is to carry out a brief survey of the site, discuss your initial thoughts and make appropriate recommendations, suggestions and ideas for your basement construction or conversion. The surveyor can also make preliminary suggestions towards the feasibility of building a basement extension as well as towards what your local council would aprove upon submission for planning approval. 


At the end of the meeting we will advise of next steps to be taken towards succesfull completion of your project.

2 Costing Proposal


Further to the meeting and site survey, we are now in a position of completing a preliminary quote for the works as well as advise you of all cost implications.


Our proposal will be clearly structured and broken down in stages so you will know exactly what you are paying for and if required, where you would like to propose any variations. Every item on the quote will be separately detailed with main stages like preliminary costs, basement design and basement planning, basment structural works, basement waterproofing, fit out works (if required) and any professional fees. 

3 Architects Design


Once our company has been appointed, we will then complete a full measured property survey as well as discuss your intended basment usage so the architect can draw up a proposed layout. This will then get adjusted until you feel you are 100% comfortable with the results. With extensive background in basement design and construction in London, both residential and commercial, the architect and design team will make sure that the proposed design and layout will optimise space usage in the same time obtaining as much incoming natural light as possible, which is paramount in a basement construction. At this stage, the architect will also advise the requirements imposed by your local council and if any investigative works need to be completed before planning submission. This can vary from tree reports, soil investigation to independent basement impact assessments. 


4 Structural Design


In most basement excavation projects, this will involve significant structural works requiring the implication of a qualified and experienced structural engineer. Our engineer will work closely with the architect  and complete his structural design and calculations. He will also aim to specify the most efficient means of not only providing structural stabilty to the newly built structure, but also ensure that this is economically designed which will reflect in the total cost of the works. 


If you opt for a basement design and build service with our company, Kapital Basments will take full responsability for the architects and structural engineers design. All our professionals carry a Professional Indemnity insurance as required by law and for your peace of mind.



Once all required drawings and surveys are completed, Kapital Basements can submit your proposed works for planning approval. 


Being one of Londons leading basement company, we have obtained vast experience with working with the local councils enabling us to identify the best approach for obtaining the Local Authoritys approval.  


Over time we have found that some of our clients have contacted us who already employed professionals like Architect and Structural Engineer and also obtained planning permission. We are happy to work alongside your chosen professionals to complete your basement conversion.

Party Wall


A typical basement excavation or conversion project for a property that shares at least one party wall with and Adjoining Owner will include works covered under the Party Wall Act sections 2 and 6, section 2 covering works directly to a party wall (in case of underpinning) and section 6 covering basement excavation works within 3 meters of a shared or neighbouring structure. 


This aspect of the preliminary works will be discsused with you and upon your preference you can appoint your own party wall surveyor or we can assist and serve the notices on your behalf and arrange any related matters in this regard.  

7 Structural Works


As soon as your planning is approved and party wall awards are in place (should this be required) the actual basement excavation works can commence. 

In addition to the combined experience of the directors, Kapital Basements as Londons leadinng basement contractor, employs and manages qualified and experienced structural teams who have a prooven track record as well as appropriate training. We will never subcontract any part of the works thus ensuring continuous high standards. 

As you would expect, the basement structural works will be of the highest quality and carried out with precision. Every stage of the works are overseen by the appointed Building Control which on completion will issue their completion certificate. 

During the basement conversion, every aspect of the works will be monitored by one of our experienced Project Managers as well as the directors in addition of you having a Structural Site Manager on site at all times. This process will ensure the high standard of the works and all details to be implemented as per the basement design.

Fit out works

On occasions clients might have their own preferred fit out builder. In this case we are happy to contract the basement excavation and basement structural works only and hand over and liase with your fit out builder for them to succesfully continue with the fit out works. 

However, there are benefits of having one basement company completing your project from start to finish so should you choose our basment company to complete your project including the fit out works, you can rest assured that the quality will be of a very high standard. We have succesfully completed numerous high end projects throughout London with our highly skilled fit out teams. 

Please browse thru our projects or indeed, contact us and we can arrange for you to visit on going as well as completed basement excavation projects.